Orlando Lutes: Anthony Smith Vihuela Repair

Anthony Smith Vihuela repair

This repair is ongoing.

The original instrument was made by Anthony J Smith (Whitechapel) 1990. Was previously owned by Tom Finucane.

A charming and well made 6 course vihuela with rosewood back and sides. It was obviously built and finished to a high standard and so in spite of the scope of the work was worth repairing.

The instrument had been kept in a soft case and had been crushed in an unfortunate accident. It was received in approximately 100 pieces, which did however look like they would all fit back together again with some gentle encouragement. Thank goodness for hide glue!

Below are some photos of the repair which is currently in progress.

Original condition showing broken back.

Broken soundboard/neck joint

Side view

Top removed

Each piece of the back was painstakingly put back into its correct position.

Eventually the back came together into a single whole again

Cleaning out the old glue from the neck joint with a toothbrush

Front of soundboard was put back together following reinforcement from behind

Original pearwood and parchment rose cleaned

This repair is ongoing.