Orlando Lutes: Chris Allen Lute Repair

Chris Allen lute repair

This is a standard 7 course renaissance lute in G (60cm), with an attractive cherry back.

This instrument is part of The Lute Society's hire fleet which was unplayable for a number of reasons:

  • neck joint incorrectly set: The neck joint had become partly unglued, resulting in a high action and a worrying gap between the neck and body. It was clear that the neck joint had previously been adjusted, but the joint was not holding.
  • sticking pegs: Many of the pegs were extremely tight and needed to be released and lubricated.
  • soundboard joint split: The main joint down the centre of the instrument had opened
  • unmatched fingerboard: a previous repair had replaced the ebony fingerboard with a temporary one of pearwood.

Below are some photos of the repair.

Original condition showing pearwood fingerboard.

Closeup of soundboard split - this ran all the way up to the neck

Soundboard removed - to allow neck joint to be worked on and action problems resolved

The soundboard joint needed to be reinforced. Some previously inserted bars affixed with synthetic glue were removed.

The soundboard joint was then shimmed from the front, to close the split. This photo shows the shim prior to staining.

New nut and fingerboard, and special appearance by string for hanging in the workshop!

Neck joint repaired fixing the action problems, also shows new ebony fingerboard and new frets.

Final repair - with new body frets, after staining the soundboard joint to blend in. The final repair is almost invisible.

Cherry back re-oiled - lute now ready to be played again and to go back into the hire fleet.

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