Orlando Lutes: Hieber 60cm 6c Ash Beech Box

Renaissance lute in G (60cm)

Some photos of one of our renaissance lutes, recently completed.

This particular instrument is a 6 course lute in G (60cm, A=440) in ash, beech with a box fingerboard. The outline of the body is after Hieber Venice c. 1580, in the Musee Instrumental, Brussels (no. 1561).

This lute was commissioned by Alex McCartney, professional lutenist and theorbo player.

Alex reviews his 6 course lute: "Having spent some time with the 6 course lute now, I think it is brilliant."

This lute can be heard on Alex McCartney's CD - Elizabeth's lutes

A similar lute of this design was made for professional lutenist Eric Thomas who writes:

"I am delighted with the craftsmanship found in Luke's work. Having played previous lutes that Luke has made I decided to commission my own, and I am very pleased I did, he has made a lute with a clear warm sound in all registers, as well as being beautiful. I am looking forward to playing this lute for many years to come!"

Eric Thomas has a Youtube channel where is is uploading a number of videos, including Milano, Spinacino, Da Ripa

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