Orlando Lutes: Hieber 60cm 7c Ash

Renaissance lute in G (60cm)

Some photos of one of our renaissance lutes, recently completed.

This particular instrument is a 7 course lute in G (60cm, A=440) in ash with ebony detailing. The outline of the body is after Hieber, Venice c. 1580, in the Musee Instrumental, Brussels (no. 1561).

This lute was commissioned by Peter Collins, a senior lecturer in Anthropology in Durham.

Peter reviews his 7 course lute: "Dear Luke - the lute arrived yesterday afternoon in perfect condition. What a beautiful thing it is - both to look at and listen to. The tone is wonderful. I have played it until my fingers are sore! Many thanks for crafting this instrument - I'm sure that it must be immensely satisfying work - and playing on it will bring tremendous joy to me. I hope to be playing your lute for years to come and will be proud, when asked, to reveal that it is 'an Emmet'. ""

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