Orlando Lutes: Lute Iconography Database

Lute Iconography Database

The Lute Iconography Database is a new online resource for lute makers, players, art historians, researchers, and anyone who has an interest in the iconography of the lute.

The original database was designed and created by David Van Edwards based on many years of research. Each entry provides key information about the image itself (location, artist, date, gallery etc), as well as details of specific interest to lute researchers, such as type of lute, number of courses, how it is being played, visible constructional details and so on. This original version was designed as a FileMaker application, but was not available online.

My contribution through The Lute Society has been to design a new web database based on YouTrack, and with David's permission to migrate all the data and images online so that the resource can be widely appreciated and searched for years to come.


  • An initial draft version was uploaded 2018
  • Full version went live in August 2019 - covering over 2200 entries
  • New release, Spring 2022 now faster and with over 2700 entries

Access the Lute Iconography Database