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LuteScribe is a free (and open source) MS Windows application by Luke Emmet for viewing and editing musical tabulature for lutes and related historical instruments.

It offers an editing window to view and edit your tabulature in a format that is easy to understand. Editing your tabulature is as simple as using a spreadsheet, and you can print or save as PDF. Check your work using the audio playback options. Screenshots below.

LuteScribe is compatible with common tabulature file formats such as Wayne Cripps TAB format, Fronimo FT3, Fandango JTZ, JTXML and has its own native XML based file format LSML. With LuteScribe you can write your own lute tabulature and open/view a vast amount of freely available tabulature from online resources such as:


  • Windows 7 or 10.
  • Some users have had success running on Linux or Mac using Wine.

Current version 1.1.5

The current version of LuteScribe is 1.1.5, released April 2019. Main changes in this version:

  • 50% faster editing requiring fewer keystrokes, uses familiar grid editing behaviour and keyboard shortcuts like a spreadsheet.
  • Audio playback option using a sample based software synthesizer.
  • Added SelectAll, Cut commands,
  • Various minor bug fixes and usability enhancements.
  • Updated to use TAB version 4.3.94
  • For more details see LuteScribe change history.


Download the current LuteScribe installer.

Optional - please provide your name and email to be kept up to date with new releases.


License and source code

LuteScribe is free and open source (GPL 3) software written mostly in C#.

Source is available in Bitbucket at bitbucket.org/loemmet/lutescribe. Feel free to submit patches or updates.


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