Orlando Lutes: Lutescribe Change History

LuteScribe Change History

Version 1.2.3

Released 14-Oct-2022

  • Integrate luteconv 1.4.7, allowing LuteScribe to open a wider variety of files, including MEI, Tab Code, Music XML, ABC Tab - from www.marmaladefoo.com/pages/luteconv
  • Remove legacy code for loading FT3, FT2, JTZ, JTXML - use luteconv for these
  • Allow wheel mouse to scroll list of staves
  • Upgrade to .NET Frameword 4.8

Version 1.2.2

Released 17-Oct-2020

  • Updated to use current TAB 4.3.101, includes minor bug fixes, built from github.com/LukeEmmet/Lute-Tab
  • Sign the LuteScribe, tab and installer binaries, to reduce antivirus false positives

Version 1.2.1

Released 12-Oct-2019

  • Improved audio playback, now uses FluidSynth and lute based sound font for more realistic playback.
  • Directly editable title field
  • Incorporates TAB 4.3.98
  • TAB file parser now permits comma to be used as ornament (e.g. baroque lute tabulature)
  • Better visual display to distinguish flag row from courses in selected text
  • Use toast style popup notifications for better feedback messages when loading or creating preview, and fewer message boxes requiring action
  • Audio playback buttons moved into toolbar to improve usability during editing or viewing
  • Updated help file
  • Some sample tabulature files provided

Version 1.1.5

Released 18-Apr-2019

  • Updated to use latest TAB version 4.3.94

Version 1.1.4

Released 17-Mar-2019

  • Reflow bars when loading of FT2 files
  • Minor UI tweaks so text of chords is more readable when selected

Version 1.1.3

Released Mar 2019

Usability improvements for editing - now 50% faster to edit notes and chords using fewer keystrokes. Editing behaviour is now more like a spreadsheet feeling more predictable and natural.

Added audio playback options.

Summary of changes:

  • Audio playback using WildMidi, FreePats and Naudio
  • Integrated menu of useful and frequently used headers
  • Added default instrument option for playback
  • Added default tempo option for playback
  • New application icon
  • Minor bug fixes and usability improvements
  • Editing is more like a spreadsheet, requiring half as many keyboard strokes for each note. Just press the letter then use the cursor keys to move to next cell (up/down/left/right):
  • Cursor keys commit current edit
  • Pressing Del when selecting a cell now clears the current cell
  • Pressing Del when selecting more than one chord clears the content
  • Can also backspace to clear the current cell
  • Keyboard shortcut to remove selected chords like a spreadsheet(Ctrl+-)
  • Insert bar or blank item before current
  • Any pending note edits are committed before previewing the content
  • Visual tweak to make currently edited cell more prominent
  • New Command: Stave->DeleteStave
  • New Command: Edit->SelectAll
  • New Command: Edit->Cut
  • Command line parameter --load-previous to load the last opened file

Version 1.0

Released Dec 2018.

First public release version, including:

  • GPL 3 public license
  • User interface to create, view and print tabulature
  • Open TAB, Fronimo and Fandango file formats