Orlando Lutes: Lutescribe Mac Linux

LuteScribe on Mac and Linux

LuteScribe is a MS Windows .NET application, but can be installed into Mac or Linux using the following options.

Booting to Windows or using a Virtual machine will provide the best user experience as LuteScribe will be running in the environment it was designed for. Using Wine or CrossOver can work, but there may be some bugs which come from the lower maturity of such an emulated platform.

Option 1: Use a virtual machine

Fairly easy, but requires a Windows license. This is the recommended option and balances reliability together with host integration.

Install a virtual machine, such as VMWare, Virtual Box (free) or Parallels (Mac), and install Windows on that. LuteScribe can be installed into that virtual machine.

Option 2: Boot to Windows

Similar to option 1, but you boot your machine up into Windows. Then install LuteScribe.

Option 3: Use Wine/CrossOver

This 3rd option does not require to install Windows, but is harder to get working.

I personally have managed to get it working with Wine on Linux (Ubuntu) following these steps:

  1. Install WineTricks for using Wine (see notes on using CrossOver below)
  2. Create a "bottle" to install into
  3. Install Wine Gecko (32-bit) 2.47 into the bottle
  4. Install .NET runtime into the bottle - Microsoft .NET framework 4.6.00081 or later.
  5. Finally install LuteScribe

I think you have to do it in this order.

I can personally confirm this worked on Linux, but I'm not a Linux expert so I'm not an expert in debugging this process. I don't have personal experience in getting it to install on Mac, but I would expect a similar process should work, since Winetricks is available for Mac.

If you have CrossOver you can perhaps skip the Winetricks stage, but the other elements are probably needed, namely to install Wine Gecko, then .NET runtime, then LuteScribe. There is some guidance from CodeWeavers on using CrossOver to install applications.

A LuteScribe user has reported success installing using CrossOver on a Mac using the following steps:

  1. Start CrossOver and create a new "bottle"
  2. Install .NET framework 4.6.2 into the bottle
  3. Install LuteScribe into the bottle

Let me know any feedback or success you have with this. There may be some bugs relating to how .NET works on CrossOver/Wine.