Orlando Lutes: Old News

Older News

Older news items are listed below:

  • May 2016 - updated the website gallery with new photos of a selection of lutes recently made and repaired.
  • September 2015 - exhibited at the Utrecht Early Music Festival - the largest early music festival in the world. See our exhibition stall photo. Hope to be back there again this year.
  • November 2014 - exhibited at the Royal Greenwich International Early Music Festival in London in the wonderful Painted hall at the Royal Naval College. A wonderful venue - perfect for displaying early instruments - photo
  • April 2014 - website updated with a gallery of recently completed lutes and reviews
  • March 2014 - we sponsored the "come and try a lute" session at the BMG rally in Bristol.
  • November 2013 - we exhibited at the Royal Greenwich International Early Music Festival in London.
  • August 2013 - we exhibited at the Utrecht Early Music Festival Exhibition, co-hosted with the Dutch Lute Society's meeting.
  • June 2013 - we exhibited at the German Lute Society annual lute festival in Bremen - Festival der Laute.
  • May 2013 - we exhibited at the Dowland 450th anniversary weekend in Cambridge.
  • April 2013 - we now supply affordable renaissance lute cases
  • April 2013 - some photos of a recently completed renaissance lute in F are now uploaded.
  • May 2012 - we exhibited at CordeFactum 2012, in Puurs, Belgium (May 18th-20th). CordeFactum is an international luthier conference/festival dedicated this year to lutes and the violin family. We had a stall at the exhibitors fair.
  • Autumn 2011 - we are delighted to announce that our latest commission is to build a renaissance lute for The Lute Society.
  • 2011: Refurbishment of 8 course rennaissance lute by Eric Mcleod (63cm) in F, for The Lute Society. This was a major overhaul and involved creating a completely new soundboard, pegbox and pegs, and re-finishing.
  • 2010 Soundboard crack repair, neck reset, new fingerboard for 7 course (60cm) in G, by Chris Allen, for The Lute Society.
  • Setup and action adjusment on 7 course lute in G by Ivo Magherini, for a prominent professional UK lutenist.
  • Inventing the Guihuela - an affordable instrument to help students develop good lute technique on an instrument based on a three-quarters sized classical guitar.

I was part of the team of luthiers who built the following instruments as part of the series of International lute making summer school, led by David van Edwards. These instruments are available for hire from The Lute Society.

  • International Lute summer school 2011 - 14 course triple headed lute after Jauck
  • International Lute summer school 2010 - 12 course double headed in transitional tunings, after Mace
  • International Lute summer school 2009 - 2 rennaissance lutes after Venere for Norwich schools project
  • International Lute summer school 2008 - medieval lute and gittern