Orlando Lutes: Refurbishment and Setup

Repair, Refurbishment and Setup

Repairs can fix most problems on lutes such as splits, cracks, bridge repair. Depending on the scope, I can generally fit repair work around new lutes I am making.

Beyond basic repairs, there are many lutes in circulation that are not in an ideal playing condition - yet these too can often be refurbished to bring them back to life again. Some are serviceable instruments that have been unsympathetically repaired in the past; others some seem not to have been built with the lute player in mind, if they are made by makers who do not specialise in lute construction. The lute has specific constructional and tonal characteristics that are not widely appreciated.

Often these lutes can suffer from the following common problems:

  • heavy bridge, or made of inappropriate wood (such as rosewood)
  • thick soundboard
  • sticking nut
  • sticking pegs
  • buzzing frets, or metal frets
  • too high or too low action
  • old strings, or of the wrong tension for the instrument
  • badly tied frets making the instrument uncomfortable to hold
  • incorrect string spacing (too close or too wide)

All of these factors can contribute to an instrument that is hard to play or keep in tune, or has a dead, tinny or muffled sound.

The lute should be none of these - it should be a delight to play.

Many instruments that suffer from these problems can be improved with a little attention and care from a luthier that understands how the lute works and what it should sound like and feel under the hands.

Services offered

Orlando Lutes offers a repair, refurbishment and setup service that is tailored to your instrument. Whilst we cannot work miracles, you will be surprised how much of an improvement can be made by addressing common problems.

  • restringing
  • refretting
  • action adjustment
  • new nuts
  • fixing sticking pegs
  • new soundboard/revoicing
  • repairs


Contact us to discuss your needs and for an estimate.

Recent work

Examples of recent refurbishment work: