Orlando Lutes: Renaissance Lute 7c Figured Sycamore 2017

Renaissance lute in G, 60 cm after Hieber

A more highly decorated lute with clouded ebony veneers, figured sycamore back and historic Hieber style rose.

This lute was made for the lutenist and early music director Zak Ozmo.

Customer review

Zak writes:

"Having had the privilege of playing the lutes by some of the world's most renowned luthiers for over more than twenty years, I decided to commission a 7c lute by Luke Emmet at Orlando Lutes. I was delighted and impressed by how good this instrument is in every respect: the warm, full sound is well balanced across the registers, the projection is powerful, the instrument is very comfortable to play, and the craftsmanship is remarkable. Luke is clearly at the forefront of the younger generation of lute makers, and I can recommend his instruments without a reservation."